We just wanted to tell you all that our Bella is gone, a devastating decision, Paul and I held her talking and scratching behind her ears. Bella was a little Yorkie (6.4 pounds) we had for 12 years. She was a very friendly dog and loved everyone as we loved her.

We wanted to thank you with all our hearts for the kindness and consideration you always gave us, you could do anything with her medicine and she had more than her share.

You are truly very compassionate people.

- Paul Cheryl, and Bella Salvucci

Hi Kathleen,

Rex and I would like to thank you for helping to keep his medicine affordable. Your act of kindness is very much appreciated.

- Rex and Dan Burns

Dear Kathleen & Crew,

I can’t begin to tell you how very much I’ve appreciated your wonderful help and kindness in caring for my Papu. You’ve always been beyond accommodating when I need Papu’s meds. I enjoyed coming to your office and seeing all of you.

- Joan and Papu

Dear Kathleen & Animal Pharm staff,

Thank you all so much for preparing Mina’s meds for the last year. Your work made sure that Mina got the meds and care she needed. I have no doubt that the meds enhanced the quality of her life, and extended it. You were always kind and helpful to my husband and me, and of course in the care you helped us provide to Mina. Thank you.

- Marianne & Eric Clark

Dear Kathleen,

So far, Gus LOVES the treats! We were so excited to see him not stressed out when we gave him his ‘medicine’. We are so glad we found Animal Pharm. We also enjoyed reading the articles you sent. You are doing a wonderful thing for many people and their pets. Thank you very, very much!

- Steph, Steve & Gus

Kathleen & Staff,

Thank you for taking such good care of me! I feel much better!


- Simba Sannizzaro

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for all that you do for all the animals at the Scituate Animal Shelter!

- Scituate Animal Shelter


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with Schmutzie’s and Archie’s meds. I’ve sent a photo of them doing what they do a large part of the day. And thanks to their meds they enjoy a richer quality of life. Thanks for all the extra attempts to help ‘Mr. Finicky’, Arch. Best wishes for a happy holiday and a wonderful new year.

- Susan

Thank you so much for creating tasty medicine for Smacky’s heart. He loves the treats! Takes the stress out of the treatments. We are both so grateful. And his health is improving. Thanks.

- Eleanor Byrne

Dear Animal Pharm Staff,

On Saturday, December 8th, my 18-year-old male cat, O’Malley died. On Tuesday, December 11th, my 18.5-year-old female cat, Miss Kitty also died. Obviously, it was a very difficult time for me as I lost both of my loving companions.

While losing a part of the family is always difficult, I am grateful that I was afforded additional time with each of them by Animal Pharm. The medications and delivery techniques provided to me through Animal Pharm allowed me to keep Miss Kitty and O’Malley healthy and happy when each of them encountered serious thyroid problems. You were always good to work with and allowed me to provide the best possible care to my loving companions. That care added quality time to our lives together. For that additional time with Miss Kitty and O’Malley, I will always be grateful to you. I wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you.’ You run an outstanding business that provides a wonderful service to pets and their human companions.

I adopted two five-year old cats from the Quincy Animal Shelter two weeks ago. Lucy and Georgia are sisters who have been in and out of other homes, foster care, and the Quincy Animal Shelter. I’m happy to have them in my life and home. Please know that if the time should ever come that either Georgia and/or Lucy need the assistance of a pharmacy, Animal Pharm will again be my pharmacy of choice without hesitation. Thank you for everything.

- Dave Haden

Dear Kathleen & Nancy,

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for both Isis and me over the years. The service you provide is invaluable in helping to medicate less than enthusiastic pets and without doubt you added years to my little girl’s life.

More than the medicine though, it is the thoughtfulness, kindness and never failing willingness to help that makes you truly special. You’ll always hold a place in my heart next to Isis.

- Gina Callahan

Dear Kathleen,

You are so thoughtful to reach out to me after the loss of Splash. He was such a good dog, loyal and loving, and he enriched Teddy’s life and mine beyond measure.

I am greatly consoled by your care and concern and by wonderful memories of a much-loved dog. As I said at the time of Splash’s passing, I like to think that he and Teddy are playing tennis ball fetch again.

- Victoria Reggie Kennedy