For Clients / Patients

FAQs for Clients/Patients

When your veterinarian prescribes a medication for your pet, ask them to send the prescription to Animal Pharm. The veterinarian will send us the Rx request and an Animal Pharm representative will contact you to discuss options to personalize the medicine to your pet’s exact needs.

Compounding is the act of taking a medication and making it into a new dosage form. For example: crushing a tablet and adding a flavor and liquid to make it into a suspension liquid. Compounding is done for individual patients for many different reasons:

  • Food or ingredient allergies
  • Dosage needs to be smaller (kitten) or bigger (horse)
  • Dosage needs to taste yummier (My dog won’t take her medicine because it tastes bad)
  • To reduce stress of taking medication (My cat is picky and won’t let me give him any treats. I need a transdermal cream for the ear)

If you have a picky pet or a pet that needs a special dosage form that you cannot get from your veterinarian or other pharmacy, Animal Pharm compounds are right for you!

  • Felines: transdermal cream for the ear, chew-treat, liquids, capsules
  • Canines: liquids, chew-treats, capsules
  • Rabbits/Small Rodents: Liquids, chew-treats, capsules
  • Birds: liquids and capsules
  • Other species: please inquire

We can ship your medication anywhere in Massachusetts. Your pet’s medication will be shipped overnight to ensure drug-stability and freshness.

Request a refill online, or call us at (781) 544 - 3010.

In order to provide an accurate price quote, we need to have received the prescription from your veterinarian.

Yes, for seniors 65 years and older, we provide a 10% discount.

No, we will not directly bill insurance for your pet’s medications, but we will provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance company upon request.

Simply call Animal Pharm at (781) 544 – 3010 and provide us with your pet’s information and the name/phone number/location of the pharmacy you currently use. We’ll take care of the rest.